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The Miles House
New Orleans Sugar Bowl


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From the outside of the Rim

The plan was made two weeks in advance. There would be 8 couples leaving Alexandria and heading to New Orleans for LSU vs Illinois on New Years Day. There was nothing that could stop us. Except there were no tickets available. Short story, 6 couples got tickets and two didn't. Any guess as to who one of the two were. That's right. The Mileshouse. A quick conference was put together and the Mileshouse decided to travel with the Courville's to New Orleans. We decided to take the money saved from Sugar Bowl tickets and hop pubs around the French Quarters while watching the game on the TV's. After the game we rejoined our friends and walked Bourbon Street. The pictures tell the rest of the story.


Melanie and Audrey are ready to see some ribs at Chilis in Baton Rouge.

As Warren Morris predicted, we ran into Johnny and Janet on Canal Street in the cold and pouring rain.

Do they have Ribs in here? Inquiring minds want to know.

Let the games begin! Dean and Scott are ready to see some Ribs in New Orleans.

The TV is showing LSU 27, ILL 0. This is the 3rd floor bar at the Ritz Carlton on Canal.

Happy faces after eating lobster bisque, creme brulee and drinking Johnny Walker Red Label at the Ritz.

Scott and Audrey looking for Ribs on Bourbon after a great game. Scott is looking at a hottie on the balcony above.